When you join ILM Tree, at least one parent is assigned jobs to help with the running of the co-op. This job can be as a 1st-8th teacher, assistant, break supervisor, early childhood teacher, baby caretaker or an administrative or facilities (cleaning, maintenance, etc) position. In addition all members commit to the following:

  • working for a minimum of 10 hours/week

  • at least 1 hr/week in a job with direct student interaction

  • mother attends Weekly Community Meeting (WCM) every Monday from 1:15 p.m. - 4:35 p.m.

  • mother serves on one of the following parent committees, which meet during WCM:

  1. Operations Committee

  2. Adab Committee

  3. Academic Committee

  • Participate in the subbing/snack rotation (some combination of subbing or snack provision up to 20 hours annually)

  • father participates in the ILM Tree Male Mentors Committee, which includes one mandatory meeting annually


There are two parts to our fee structure.

FEES: Every family pays monthly fees according to the following formula:

$265/family plus $10 base fee plus $75/child

POINTS: Every family must work a co-op job according to following formula:

10 points per family plus 3 points/child

Points are calculated roughly based on the number of hours a week your job entails. You can trade points between members at the value of $80/point/month, as long as you are working at least 10 points (i.e. 10 hours/week).

The more points you have (i.e. the more jobs you work), the less your monthly co-op fees.

Other expenses incurred include class curriculum, consumables and class enhancement fees, field trip fees and event fees. Optional expenses include donations and fundraisers, contributions to gifts, purchasing a yearbook, etc.

Membership Agreements

Adherence to our membership agreements is crucial for the vision of our co-op for all members. These agreements are the only way we can ensure that all families share the same values when it comes to raising our children. Please take your time to read through our member agreements carefully, as these are the standards we expect all members to believe in, abide by and uphold.

ILM Tree requires that both parents/guardians of a student fully understand, accept, and support the ILM Tree requirements.

Membership structure

Membership in the co-op is tied to the assignment of a parent to one or more co-op teaching and/or supervision “jobs”. Once accepted, members agree to fulfill the duties of the co-op job and all other co-op fees and requirements. At any time, if the co-op job(s), fees, agreements, or other requirements are not being satisfactorily provided to the community or upheld by the family, members will be asked to leave the co-op. All decisions regarding membership and the application process are overseen by the co-op management: Manager of Operations; Manager of Adab and Culture; and Manager of Academics.

Organizational Structure

The co-op is run by three managers. Co-op members will have an opportunity to provide their input via one of the three Parent Committees and a proposal process. Each committee is chaired by one experienced co-op member (2 years or more). Remaining parents are assigned to a committee. Committees meet a minimum of 8 times per year to discuss co-op issues within their area. Proposals are sent to the managers for consideration.

Conflict resolution

When conflict arises between students or parents, ILM Tree families engage in face-to-face problem-solving and conflict resolution in order to address the issues. They approach conflict as opportunities for growth and development of the children, the parents, and the co-op as a whole. When necessary, unresolved conflicts are brought to the managers for mediation and/or final decisions.


Fees are pooled to pay for:

  1. Facility — use, maintenance and utilities

  2. Budget for furniture, events, supplies, shared curriculum, technology, teacher training, etc.

  3. Members work all jobs to keep the co-op functioning, and in rare cases we hire vetted employees to fulfill roles the membership is unable to.